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The Importance of a Kitchen Ventilation System

There are multiple environments that benefit from the introduction of ventilation systems. Kitchens can become uncomfortable environments to work in if a tailored kitchen ventilation system isn’t installed.

In the latest blog post by Vent Logistics, we discuss the advantages to having a kitchen ventilation system.
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Warehouse Ventilation: Importance of Indoor Air Quality

When we see a cluttered floor, exposed wires or a broken chair, we immediately view them as potential hazards and thus steer clear of them or take steps to minimise their risk. However, poor ventilation is often difficult to see and can easily become overlooked by employers.

Poor ventilation is a hazard just like any other and as such indoor air quality should be regularly monitored to ensure no risk is posed to employees.
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Things to Consider Before Getting an Indoor Pool


Swimming is a hobby many of us love; you might use the pool to keep fit, relax or have some fun with the kids. If you’re lucky enough to have the extra space available for an indoor swimming pool, there are a few considerations you should make, before committing to a purchase.
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Office relocation: Things to Consider

Whether you’ve been in business one year or fifty, sometimes an office relocation is the best decision. Perhaps you’re looking to expand your space now you have more employees on board, or maybe you want to downsize due to a company wide streamlining strategy. Whatever your reasons for considering a move, at Vent Logistics, we’ve compiled a list of the some important things to consider before you up sticks to a new location.
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The Make Up of a Duct System- 5 Key Components

Ductwork is a vital component of any building incorporating air conditioning, particularly commercial properties and business premises such as office buildings. While the system as a whole is an essential part of the air conditioning system, it’s the seamless working of individual key components that result in an effective and efficient system.
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FAQ’s on Ductwork within a Commercial Setting

Here at Vent Logistics, we are always looking to help out our valued customers where we can, from providing useful advice on the reasons why our products are required in your setting through to case studies with images so you can see the level of work we have completed previously. To follow on this theme, we thought it would be useful to run through a few FAQ’s surrounding ductwork to ensure you have a far greater understanding of its workings within your commercial setting. Continue reading →

Case Study: Ventilation System for a Domestic Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool within your domestic property is a great luxury, however it is vitally important that the room within which the swimming pool is going to be situated is suitably set up for such an installation. Within this falls the need for an appropriate ventilation system, something which we at Vent Logistics are experts in, and the following images showcase the work we recently completed on one such project. Continue reading →