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FAQ’s on Ductwork within a Commercial Setting

FAQ’s on Ductwork within a Commercial Setting

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Here at Vent Logistics, we are always looking to help out our valued customers where we can, from providing useful advice on the reasons why our products are required in your setting through to case studies with images so you can see the level of work we have completed previously. To follow on this theme, we thought it would be useful to run through a few FAQ’s surrounding ductwork to ensure you have a far greater understanding of its workings within your commercial setting.

What is Ductwork?

If you have an air conditioning, heating or ventilation system in your premises then the ductwork will carry the heated or cooled air throughout your property from the source. The ductwork will be a series of tubes or pipes that essentially enable the system to function effectively.

What is Ductwork Made From?

The materials usually used for ductwork include tin or sheet metal, however a flexible plastic material has also been used more recently. This flexible plastic ductwork sees a coiled wire inserted inside a vinyl encased insulation which makes installation easy and the insulation properties far improved.

When is Ductwork Installed?

Ductwork is often one of the first features to be installed within a newly built property due to the importance that it plays and the fact that it is easier at this stage than later when walls are introduced.

What Maintenance is Required?

An efficient and effective performance is imperative so regular maintenance is advised to ensure this is the case. Frequent duct cleaning is a necessity to ensure that any contaminants within the ducts aren’t dispersed throughout the rest of the building through the air flow.

Hopefully this brief collection of FAQ’s has given you a better understanding of what ductwork is and the important role it has to play within a property. If you do however have any further questions or wish to enquire about the ductwork we at Vent Logistics can install within the Bedford, Luton or Hemel Hempstead areas, don’t hesitate to contact us on one of the numbers local to you at the top of the page or alternatively via our online contact form.

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