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Functions of Roof Ventilation

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Installing a ventilation system that is tailored to the space you have and how it is used is of paramount importance for both your comfort in the space and maintaining good air quality. In the latest blog post by Vent Logistics, we discuss the functions of roof ventilation systems.

Roof ventilation serves two main key functions:

It helps to expel hot air, which can contribute to associated moisture problems.

Allows fresh air to enter at the eave of soffit areas of the roof.

Signs Roof Ventilation is Needed

If you are unsure whether you need roof ventilation, you will typically be informed by two key signs:


Condensation on the roof is sometimes referred to as roof sweating and typically occurs during late autumn through to early spring, with the worst time being November to February.

The signs

You may notice condensation as small droplets of water forming on the underside of your roof, undersarking, slates or tiles, large beads of water covering the underside of the roof or sporadic patches in various places.

Another key sign of possible roof condensation may be a musty smell in the roof space or the appearance of black mould.


Damp in the roof space is often caused by a lack of beneficial air movement. In general, slated or tiled roofs without underslaters felt tend to have natural gaps in the slate, however, as these slates are exceptionally thin and flat, there is little beneficial air movement.

Roof ventilation is required to keep a space comfortable. Here at Vent Logistics, we have been providing bespoke roof ventilation systems to both commercial and industrial environments for many years. If you would like further information on our wide range of services, please call us today on 01296 681752. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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