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The Importance of Clean Air in Schools

The Importance of Clean Air in Schools

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When sitting in a classroom environment that is free from unpleasant smells, you may believe that the air you are breathing in is free from harmful pollutants. However, without proper ventilation in place, the levels of CO2 in classrooms can quickly build up. In the latest post by Vent Logistics, we discover the effects of clean air in schools and how you can avoid indoor air pollution.

Several studies have shown that improving the air quality in a classroom has a positive impact on students, with research from the University of Reading demonstrating a direct correlation between the environmental conditions in a classroom and pupils’ cognitive performance.

So how can we improve the quality of our indoor air? Consider the following:


Keeping a room free from dust and dirt may sound like a general thing to do, however, the benefits of it are sometimes underrated.

Using a vacuum that has a specialist filter can be particularly effective at getting rid of dust mites, allergens such as pollen and concentrations of lead and other toxins.


To ensure clean air in schools, proper ventilation systems should be installed. It is well known that moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria, but controlling the humidity levels will ensure you can keep this in control.

Conduct Routine Tests

On October 1st, 2015, new regulations in England meant that smoke alarms became a requirement for all rented residential accommodation, and carbon monoxide alarms were mandatory for any room that had a solid fuel appliance.

Testing the air in a room can be done quickly and simply and should be carried out routinely, helping you to monitor the quality of your air.

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