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Kitchen Safety and Hygiene

Kitchen Safety and Hygiene

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All food businesses must comply with the same regulations regarding health and safety, whether they are fixed or mobile. In the latest post from Vent Logistics, we discuss general health and safety and ventilation requirements that all food businesses must comply with.


The ventilation of a fixed or mobile kitchen space needs to be carefully considered to avoid build-up of smoke and odour and ensure the premises remains hygienic.

Where frying ranges are used, they should be vented directly through the ceiling or through the wall directly behind the appliance.

All vents discharging heat and fumes from the kitchen should be raised above the roof and not let water inside.

Vents that sit inside the walls of the space should be insect and dust proof to limit the contamination of all food prepared.

Storage and Food Preparation

Specific guidelines also apply to how food is prepared and its storage. Regulations state that there must be adequate space for food supplies and all products should be kept in airtight containers, away from the floor and stored upright. Any food that is considered “high risk” such as meats, should be stored in a fridge and not in cool boxes as these do not provide a stable, cold temperature.

Once cooked, all food should be kept hot using a hot cabinet or bain-marie. Other food items on display need to remain covered by a protective screen or cover. Newspapers should not be used to wrap any food items and any food items left over at the end of trading should be disposed of.

In addition to the above, water supply, waste disposal, the safe use of Liquid Petroleum Gas cylinders (LPG) for mobile food premises, the construction of the vehicle and the equipment used needs to be carefully considered.

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