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Three Things You Didn’t Know about IAQ

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Indoor air quality can be the cause of illness and lack of concentration. However, until we begin to feel too hot, too cold or notice an unpleasant smell, the quality of our air indoors isn’t something we typically think of. In the latest blog post by Vent Logistics, we discuss three things you may not have known about indoor air quality.

1) Indoor Air Holds More Pollutants Than Outdoor Air

According to research carried out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the air indoors carries between two to five times more pollutants than in outdoor environments.

The level of pollutants inside, coupled with the fact that we spend quite a large portion of our days indoors has meant that IAQ is ranked as one of the top environmental health risks by the EPA.

2) Mould Can Grow Out Of Sight

We all know that mould left to grow can cause problems to our health. However, mould can also grow out of sight, behind walls and underneath surfaces for a great length of time. As mould begins to grow, it releases myotoxins which can be toxic enough to cause damage to the immune and nervous system.

Issues with mould are not always visible, however, you can spot such problems by looking for moisture damage and musty smells caused by most common strains of mould.

3) Poor IAQ Affects Concentration

Individuals exposed to poor IAQ at work can suffer from lack of concentration and headaches. Lack of fresh air in workplaces can also lead to increased fatigue and increased symptoms that are related to asthma and allergies.

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