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Ventilation in Schools: Regulation Update

Ventilation in Schools: Regulation Update

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In 2018, an update to the regulations surrounding ventilation in schools was published. This means that many schools need to spend money on ensuring that their systems remain compliant. In the latest post from Vent Logistics, we discuss this update and what it means for schools needing to update their current ventilation set up.

Back in September 2018, an update released by the government to the BB101 regulations, which were initially set in 2006, stated recommendations to improve indoor air quality, thermal comfort and ventilation in schools. It has also been warned by a member of the advisory board that closer attention will now be paid to schools if they are to meet the recommended performance levels.

Included in the regulations is information on the elimination of draughts. The average fresh air rate within a school must be, at a minimum, 5 litres per second per person. Additionally, the purge fresh air rate is required to be 8 litres per second per person for all new build teaching spaces.

Refurbished Teaching Spaces

Further to the regulations surrounding ventilation and draughts, updates have also been made to refurbished teaching spaces.

These updates state that refurbished teaching spaces now have to achieve an average Co2 level of below 1,750ppm. This change means that any new classroom built must include a review of the ventilation systems used in order to ensure the Co2 levels do not exceed the maximum levels.

Ventilation Systems

There are various ways in which schools can become compliant, but the ventilation system invested in should be carefully considered in order to ensure that appropriate maintenance can be kept up, in-line with the schools budget.

One way to prove compliance is a “push button” mechanical ventilation solution. However, the guidelines do state that where mechanical ventilation is used, it should not be the only be the only forms of ventilation during the summertime.

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