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Warehouse Ventilation: Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Warehouse Ventilation: Importance of Indoor Air Quality

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When we see a cluttered floor, exposed wires or a broken chair, we immediately view them as potential hazards and thus steer clear of them or take steps to minimise their risk. However, poor ventilation is often difficult to see and can easily become overlooked by employers.

Poor ventilation is a hazard just like any other and as such indoor air quality should be regularly monitored to ensure no risk is posed to employees.

Some key ways you can identify a poorly ventilated area are:

Unpleasant smells
Excessive heat
Excessive moisture

Indoor Air Quality: Effects on Employees

Continuous absence from work can not only cost an employer, it can also significantly disrupt productivity and create disharmony between employees. There are several negative impacts poor indoor air quality can have on employees, including headaches, fatigue, hypersensitivity, dizziness and shortness of breath.

What’s more, poor ventilation will confine interior air and become a breeding ground for airborne viruses and transmittable diseases.

The installation of an appropriate ventilation system can help to reduce the buildup of chemical and biological contaminants to help reduce fatigue and sickness.

When employees feel motivated they are more likely to produce work of a higher standard and work at a quicker pace.

A work environment that is too hot can significantly slow down work output.

How Ventilation works

A ventilation system works by replacing or mixing stale air with fresh air from the outside. There are various styles of ventilation system available and it is important that the style of system installed is tailored to the environment it is being placed in for maximum benefit

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