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Author Archives: Vent Logistics

The Importance Of Ventilation For Your Business Premises

Ventilation plays an important role in maintaining a healthy and productive workplace, so whether you have an office or an industrial unit, investing in a reliable ventilation system can really pay off for your business. Let’s explore in more detail…

Why Good Ventilation Is Important During The COVID-19 Pandemic

As we all know by now, Coronavirus spreads very easily, even more so when we are indoors. This is why contact with other households has been banned indoors as the chance of contracting the virus is much more likely. However,…

Luton Airport

Please find below a selection of photos. They show the installation of a new externally/roof mounted Air Handling Unit and associated external ductwork. And bracketry, prior to insulation.

The Make Up of a Duct System- 5 Key Components

In our latest article we take a look at five key components that make up duct systems, and the role each one plays in an effective HVAC system. Read on for more. Continue reading

FAQ’s on Ductwork within a Commercial Setting

This latest post is designed to answer some of the frequently asked questions people may have around ductwork and its installation within a commercial property. Continue reading

Case Study: Ventilation System for a Domestic Swimming Pool

This latest post details a project we worked on which involved the installation of a ventilation system within the swimming pool room of a domestic property. Continue reading

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