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Common Myths Surrounding Ventilation

Ventilation is important to keep fresh air circulating in a space. However, it is important to understand the common myths surrounding ventilation so that you don’t invest in something that you don’t need. “More is Better” There are some things…

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Functions of Roof Ventilation

Installing a ventilation system that is tailored to the space you have and how it is used is of paramount importance for both your comfort in the space and maintaining good air quality. In the latest blog post by Vent…

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The Importance of Duct and Vent Cleaning

Duct and vent cleaning aren’t tasks to be overlooked. In the latest blog post by Vent Logistics, we discuss the importance and benefits of maintaining your ventilation system. Just like any other machine or appliance, a well looked after ventilation…

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Three Things You Didn’t Know about IAQ

Indoor air quality can be the cause of illness and lack of concentration. However, until we begin to feel too hot, too cold or notice an unpleasant smell, the quality of our air indoors isn’t something we typically think of….

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The Importance of Clean Air in Schools

When sitting in a classroom environment that is free from unpleasant smells, you may believe that the air you are breathing in is free from harmful pollutants. However, without proper ventilation in place, the levels of CO2 in classrooms can…

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The Importance of a Kitchen Ventilation System

There are multiple environments that benefit from the introduction of ventilation systems. Kitchens can become uncomfortable environments to work in if a tailored kitchen ventilation system isn’t installed. In the latest blog post by Vent Logistics, we discuss the advantages…

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Warehouse Ventilation: Importance of Indoor Air Quality

When we see a cluttered floor, exposed wires or a broken chair, we immediately view them as potential hazards and thus steer clear of them or take steps to minimise their risk. However, poor ventilation is often difficult to see…

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Things to Consider Before Getting an Indoor Pool

  Swimming is a hobby many of us love; you might use the pool to keep fit, relax or have some fun with the kids. If you’re lucky enough to have the extra space available for an indoor swimming pool,…

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Office relocation: Things to Consider

Whether you’ve been in business one year or fifty, sometimes an office relocation is the best decision. Perhaps you’re looking to expand your space now you have more employees on board, or maybe you want to downsize due to a…

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The Make Up of a Duct System- 5 Key Components

In our latest article we take a look at five key components that make up duct systems, and the role each one plays in an effective HVAC system. Read on for more. Continue reading

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