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Your Guide to Commercial Extraction Systems

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Ensuring you invest in the right kind of extraction system for your commercial kitchen is imperative to ensure fumes can escape and those in the environment can work comfortably with a fresh supply of clean air. Here at Vent Logistics, we supply and fit bespoke ventilation systems to a wide range of commercial and industrial businesses and in our latest post, we discuss commercial extraction systems and why you need one for your commercial kitchen.

What is an Extraction System?

A commercial extraction system has several components and is used to extract gases and particles from the kitchen.

A stainless steel canopy will typically be required and be fitted with filters that can be easily removed and cleaned. To ensure the fumes are correctly extracted, a ducting system, complete with fans will need to be correctly fitted, extracting the fumes from the hood and through the ducting. Thought will need to be given to where the ducting is placed, ensuring that it is not let out close to residential areas or offices, which could result in complaints.

Do I need a Commercial Extraction System?

In almost every instance, a commercial kitchen will need an appropriate extraction system. Without appropriate ventilation systems in place, a kitchen will be more at risk of fire outbreaking and staff may not have an adequate supply of fresh, clean air.

There are several guidelines in place that protect employees from working in environments without sufficient ventilation and local authorities and fire inspectors may visit commercial kitchen spaces to ensure they are abiding by these guidelines.

Vent Logistics – Commercial Extraction Systems

If you think that your ventilation system may not be working properly or you are setting up a commercial kitchen and require advice regarding the type of ventilation system that will be required, we can help. Please call us today on 01296 681752 or send your enquiry through to our online contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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