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The Make Up of a Duct System- 5 Key Components

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There are several components to a ductwork system and each one is vital for any building incorporating air conditioning. Especially in commercial spaces such as offices buildings. Here are 5 key components to the system, why they’re important and how we can help create the perfect system for you.

While the system as a whole is an essential part of the air conditioning system, it’s the seamless working of individual key components that result in an effective and efficient system.

Vibration Isolators

Duct systems have air handlers, which can lead to a lot of vibration and subsequently cause noise that would be disruptive to any occupants of a building. Vibration isolators are an integral part of duct systems that are designed to control these vibration levels in order to ensure a more comfortable home or office environment.

Volume Control Dampers

For a duct system to function effectively, there must be a way to adjust the amount of air that flows into the different sections. Volume control dampers make this adjustment possible and they can be fixed on the ducts from where they may function automatically or manually. For a simple system, a zone damper may be used, whereas a variable air volume may work better in a complex system.


Some duct systems are designed in a way that one main duct incorporates several smaller ones that branch out and supply air to registers, grilles and diffusers. Takeoffs are fitted into such ducts in order to help in a diversion of a small volume of the air into the subsidiary ducts. These components are typically fitted into the main duct’s wall.

Stacks, Heads and Boots

Ductwork must be installed in such a manner to allow air to flow in a vertical direction, even when inside thin walls. Stacks are the ducts that are put in place to facilitate this sort of air movement and they may have either oval or rectangular sections.

Smoke Dampers

Where the tubing in the ductwork moves across a fire curtain, smoke and fire dampers will be applied and an actuator used to automate the dampers. While both smoke and fire dampers may be used in the same area, fire dampers are not activated by electrical malfunctions.

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